St. Peter's Building Project

The new hall and renovated annex will connect to the church. Here is a picture of what it will look like.

This is where the new building will be built. The part that is set back is the annex. We will renovate this space and it will become our new Religious Education classrooms.

Currently the rooms we use for classrooms are stark, cold and uninviting. With the renovation to the annex, we will be able to make the classrooms smaller, warmer and more of an inviting atmosphere.

The current hall was used as a school at one time, so our main gathering area is a gymnasium. This has been a lot of fun for the kids to be able to play basketball, but it is no longer economical. The high ceilings make it difficult to heat (current building does not have AC) and the echo in the hall makes if diffiuclt for our older parishioners to hear. The new gathering space will be used as a dining and gathering area with a more warm and inviting atmosphere.

Another picture of the kitchen

These are the plans for the new building and annex. It will have a much better layout than the old building. The offices will also be on site, so there will be no more running between 2 different locations. This will allow our parishioners access to the church to pray during the day.

This is the current parish hall.

Another classroom we currently use.

The kitchen layout is difficult to work with. The size of the island and the way things were laid out, makes it difficult for a group of people to efficiently work together. We are always stepping on each other. The new kitchen will have a much more efficient layout.

More of the kitchen